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Welcome to Inphase Electric Services

Inphase Electric Services provides independent electrical testing and commissioning.  Operating as an unbiased third party.  Larry Dorich has over 17 years in Power Generation and he will go to any heights to bring power to your project.

Inphase Electric Services performs electrical acceptance testing and start-up commissioning.  Regardless of the size of your project.  No project is to small.

Equipment Supported

  Main Generators & Turbines, DG’s

  General Electric         Brush             GM
  Toshiba                       Fuji                ABB
  Mitsubushi                  TDI                 Siemens
  Alsthrom                      AVK-MAN

  Main & Auxiliary Transformers

  General Electric          GE/Prolec
  Westinghouse           Virginia  Fortune
  Tamani                     Siemens      ABB

Protective Relays

  GE DGP                    SEL           Basler
  Beckwith 3400          Schweitzer      
  GE Multilin 745,750 & 289 thru 489
  GE & Westinghouse electro-magnetic/induction disk/impedance relays

Circuit Breakers / SWGR &  GIS

Mitsubishi 230 kv bkrs, GE Hitachi 345 kv Circuit breakers, Alstom Generator circuit bkr, ABB Generator
Circuit bkr, AEG 230 kV, 138 kv, 115 kV & 46kV SF6 breakers, 13.8 kV, 4.1 kV swgr, Westinghouse
230 kV & 115 kV SF6 breakers, ABB 121 kV, 145 kV, 245 kV breakers, 72 pm & 24 kV SF6 swgr,
General Electric 13.8 kV thru 4.1 kV Magna-Blast, vacuum breakers, Limitamp MCC's, 480 v Akr's,
Wavepro ABB (ITE)n480 v k line swgr, Westinghouse 4.1 kV air & vacuum breakers, POWELL 38 kv
indoor thru 13.8 kv.

 Inphase Electric Services
P. O. Box 1174
Pt. Clear, AL   36564

(251) 923-7180
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